These local events will be sponsored and hosted by agencies of many health

insurance, financing firms, health and wellness and government entities.



ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group owns our consultant company.

It provides the following financial, legal technology and digital health strategies below:



A. Certifying Digital Health Ministers.  B. Certifying Digital Capital Ministers.   C. Mobile Ministry Church Conferences



















Just Do Jesus Block Chain Ministry licenses you to refer

our Kept By The Kingdom 8 Income Mobile App Ministry.

The  certification, tuition fees for this mobile ministry system is sold by for $5600 to client by you.

$5600 tuition for our program.

- 2100 profit retained by our ministry


$3500 tuition commission paid to you.

1. " Beloved, I wish you prosper (You shall Lend...) and be in health....."

Once certified for $150 in our local sessions, our 3,000 Atlanta based certified church conference members will agree to provide local evangelism efforts through simply referrals.

This is an evangelism program (not MLM. Not network marketing. Not an illegal Pyramid Scheme.

Once the 1st 3,000 conference members are certified for $150 in our local sessions, they will be progressively positioned to earn locally up to $19,200 per month from conference referrals.

The 3,000 Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry Church Conference and Livestream Broadcast team will:

  1. not only help develop and operate our Blockchain Ministry Church Conferences,
  2. but will also be the national executive team to operate on a full-time basis our social media marketing firm to promote nationally, then globally our ministry's media programming via: 
  • Livestream Broadcast for certifying 16 member teams nationally in hotel sessions in 1 of 3,000 counties.
  • Pay Per view for providing ongoing income producing training programs in mobile blockchain evangelism.
  • Video on demand for 247 play back of pre-recorded Livestream and pay per view blockchain programs.


Just Do Jesus Blockchain MInistry members will all be certified to also use:

  • Just Do Jesus Church Conferences:
  • Live stream broadcasts. 
  • Pay per view.
  • Video on demand.  
  • Social media marketing websites.

All 7 platforms are to be used to generate 8 incomes for our members.