A Blockchain County Territory is a Financial Alternative.

A blockchain county territory income is a financial alternative to 2 traditional products.


1.Blockchain territory incomes can pay your monthly mortgage payment.

2. A Blockchain territory incomes properly fund your retirement accounts.


3. A Blockchain Technology & Territory Income can pay your home off.


Our mobile ministry Tuition & Territory is sold for $5600.


You earn $3500 for 2 client sales maximum for a totalof $7,000 tuition & staffing fees

commission paid to you.

This $7,000 income can be generated from your initial first $150 certification fee.

The Just Do Jesus BlockChain Ministry official Kept By The Kingdom Mobile

App System provides mobile app based Financial Aid Office and Scholarships.


A Quick Overview:

Would you invest $150 to be certified in a 8 hour session to earn:

$3500 per client in blockchain tuition & fees commission.

x one Bockchain technology tuition commission client per week.


$14,000 per month income in blockchain tuition commission (if you upgrade to a $150 per month Just Do Jesus subscription member). 

+ 2400 per month income for housing expenses (If you become a $250 per month subscription member).

+ 2800 per month income from your assigned Just Do Jesus Registered Trademark team in one of 3,000 County Territories.


$19,200 per month total consistent income from one of 3,000 assigned Just Do Jesus blockchain technology mobile ministry territories.

These 3,000 Atlanta based members as Just Do Jesus Blockchain Mobile Ministry Territory

rights licensees will host the Just Do Jesus Blockchain Mobile Ministry Church Conference.