For only $150 per month, you can be certified as 1 of 1st 3,000 Atlanta ministry team members to earn

$19,200 per month income in our work-study program for preparation for a Vault OS banking territories.



Program Purpose

 Earn $3500 per client who enrolls in our $5600 tuition program for grandparents & parents of mobile

savvy, social media conscious young people. It is time for youth to be paid for their mobile skills now.

High Schools are dumping unprepared, young people into unemployment

offices looking for jobs, that technology is actually eliminating every day.

Single mothers of our mobile phone savvy young people desperately need their young adults and

children to earn income right now with their current mobile app skills, not after 4 more years of college.


If one person that you refer to attend our $150 session, once they decide after the session to

become a bank preparation delegate to our church convention platform, as a certified affiliate.They can purchase our $5600 tuition to our family mobile app banking ministry.