Program Review

All 3,000 Atlanta members are authorized representation to sell our $5600 tuition by mobile referral.


$19,200 per month mobile evangleism income paid to you from our Livestream broadcasting, pay per view and video on demand training programs.

We Livestream for you Just Do Jesus blockchain banking pre mobile app ministry training program into your assigned 1 of 3,000 county territories.

The 1st 3,000 Atlanta based certified Just Do Jesus Mobile App Ministry members will be assigned a

Livestream Broadcast Designated location in one of the 3,000 national county territory hotel rooms. 

Teams of 16 pre-registered leaders in each of the 3,000 county territories will be certified for $150 one

time by Kermit Simms using Livestream Broadcasts as Digital Capital & Digital Health Ministers.

All 3,000 county territory teams of 16 will be trained to operate their vault Os new banking model.

16 leaders per county territory will be certified to both buy and sell Just Do

Jesus Blockchain Ministry Financial Aid Offices as a business format system



Just Do Jesus Founder licenses the Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry Trademark to one modified Financial Aid Office as a proprietary business format system per county territory to certify 16 people per county territory as authorized distributors.


Our financial aid offices per county also market to families our Just Do

Jesus branded Mobile Wallet, as part of our work-study program.


Cloud based mobile wallets

Just Do Jesus Financial Aid Offices provide the funding tools for the

tuition cost for our training program for the Vault OS New Model Banking

Just Do Jesus Trademark Ministries is in the business of preparing 3,000 ATL based members' family to

operate on-line from Atlanta, their own blockchain technology based, virtual mobile bank in the cloud.


Each pays $150 to be certified as a church conference delegate. Refer others to our $150 session.

A. You earn $50 on each $150 session you refer a person to our certification session.