You earn $3500 tuition commission per person.

We prepare each family progressively over 2 years in weekly 2 hour sessions to own their virtual bank.


Immediate Income Phase.


(1) Phase one - Establish your own family operated, ISOMO mobile financial aid office income to

provide four ways for people to finance their tuition in our Virtual bank prep for a Vault os Bank.


1st Just Do Jesus Work Study Program empowers your family to begin to earn

up to $7,000 immediately from referrals of two people to our $150 session.

(2) Phase two - We establish your ISOMO commercial lending transaction finders fee referral income.


(3) Phase three - We establish your own ISOMO commercial lending "brokers" fee transaction income.

Commercial Capital Training Group will come to our Atlanta office and certify you as

one of our commercial lending brokers, who not just refers, but actually do the loans.

(4) Phase four - We establish your own mobile app based banking wallet transaction income.

(5) Phase five - We establish your own family mobile financial services, tax planning, personal and business credit building income.

(6) Phase 6 - We establish your own Mobile Ministry County Territory as an authorized distributor of the Kept By The Kingdom 8 Income Mobile App Program.

Kept By The Kingdom App is based in 3 John 1:2. I would that you prosper, be in health..."

A. "Prosper" is accomplished by our mobile virtual bank 4 phase training and preparation program called Digital Capital.

B. "Be in health" is accomplished by 8 income mobile ministry program called Digital Health.

Once as a member earn, you first $19,500 per month in our virtual Vault os

bank preparation tuition program, he will then be placed over 1 of 3,000 county

territories of ISOMO Digital Capital and Digital Health Programs.

1st qualify for your $19,200 per month Atlanta HQ income as financial base.


This will position you for developing your Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry to

be set to up as a Cloud based Just Do Jesus certified member your own

personal family operated county territory as a joint venture ministry partner.

You become an affiliate branch of Vault os virtual bank operating system.

A. Each of our 1st 3,000 Atlanta Just Do Jesus Blockchain Atlanta members will

first begin to earn up to $19,200 per month immediately, just by referrals.

This immediate income based in you building your team income will better

prepare your family financially (without education) to be prepared as our Just

Do Jesus trademark Virtual Bank Branch licensee and county affiliate.


B. Each of our 1st 3,000 Atlanta members will be assigned the profit-sharing

positions from their own family operated virtual bank for 1 county territory.


This virtual bank income is in addition to you qualifying for $19,200 per month

income. Additional income will be generated from their efforts as well as income

generated from their assigned one of 3,000 national county territories.


One county will be assigned to you to first earn $2800+ month contractually.

Each of the 1st 3,000 Atlanta members will be certified for $150 to market our

Vault OS Blockchain Bank preparation program & mobile app ministry system.


How? Attend 1 ATL Headquarters $150 - 8 hour session at our national HQs.

Once you complete your $150 8 hour cloud based virtual mobile ministry

preparation session, you will then enter our virtual bank Work-Study program.


The virtual bank work-study preparation process is you simply sell 2 lending

tuition packages. You will earn $3500 per person you refer = $7,000 income. 

Just Do Jesus Blockchain ministry is on a mission to prepare 3,000 Atlanta area, faith-based leaders to

fulfill the deut 15:6 " You shall lend unto many nations". To do this, we prepare to do Vault os System.


Kermit Simms is the Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry HQ Founder. He is also Just Do Jesus Registered Trademark owner.

He is on a mission to establish a blockchain technology, faith based, digital bank on-line in all 3,000 counties in America.

Mission: Prepare a faith-based ThoughtMachine  ATL team to be placed over each of 3,000

county territories. Our national HQ will use Live stream, pay per view & Video on demand.

Just Do Jesus Thought Machine Vault OS preparation income is $19,200 per month per county territory licensee.

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministries is certifying for $150 per month the first 3,000

Atlanta leaders for this program. Each will be prepared over a 2 year income generating

period to be the faith-based, on-line bank leader in each county territory.

To be positioned to earn $19,200 per month, come pay $150 to be certified to join us.