Now, visit our ISOMO Commercial Lending Group HQs for Digital Capital.


Kermit Simms, ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group Founder, is the owner of the Just Do Jesus Trademark Brand.

His mission is to lead the faith based community in establishing the fulfillment of Deut 15:6 - You shall lend unto many nations".

Method: We are an Atlanta based Church Conference Blockchain Ministry Bank Management Firm.

From our Atlanta Headquarters, we certify members for $150 to benefit from Blockchain applications.


Founder Kermit Simms is on a mission to build an Atlanta based Church Conference and Livestream

broadcasting firm. All 3,000 ATL members can earn $19,200 per month as Vault Os bank affiliates.

How will new ministry partner can you be able to generate $19,200 per month income.


$5600 is cost of virtual bank preparation tuition: Do work-study to earn tuition.


Pay $150 to be certified to refer 2 others to work-study program. Earn $100. 


Then simply refer 2 others @ our $5600 tuition donation level. Earn $7,000.  


So for only $150, you earn $7,100 even before you buy your own tuition.


Ok. How do you earn $19,200 per month, as an Atlanta based Just Do Jesus

Blockchain Mobile Ministry county territory bank affiliate ministry partner?


Simms is an OUTSTAND Certified Partner. It helps members track the

digital movement of their county teams that they will build in this program.

and innovate the further development as distributors our digital capital and digital health county

territory program over 2 year period in Atlanta, and on-line in their assigned county territory.

Our marketing strategies to locate and prepare one pre-designated office leader per county in 4 areas:

1. Thought Machine Blockchain Banking Preparation

2. Digital Identity Technology

While waiting, each of the 1st 3,000 Atlanta based leaders will be provided finders fee agreements as referral income from ISOMO Global Commercial Lenders Group, as an affiliate firm of Commercial Capital Training Group. 

3. Commercial Capital Training Group

All 3,000 of the Atlanta headquarters team, must demonstrate leadership by referring at least 3 others to this bank prep program.

4. Why Get Involved.

As a faith based media and marketing executive, Mr. Simms ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group was founded on the Bible verse, "In Christ, we live, and move and have our being". All things move in Christ. To Move things is called Logistics.

Just Do Jesus Blockchain MInistry owns ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group. It is operated by members of the membership organization. We move money. We move people. We move data. We move things. Let's now move together.

Mr. Simms business philosophy is based on the following  Seven Bible Verses.

1. Eccl 11:2 - "God commands you to invest in eight incomes. He sells an 8 income mobile ministry app to fulfill this verse.

2. Deut 15:6 - "You shall lend unto many nations". Just Do Jesus members operate a commercial lending firm to sell loans.

3. 3 John 1:2 - "Beloved, above all things, you are to prosper and be in health...". He sells financial aid office & Health businesses.

4. Matt 28:19 - "You go therefore and teach the truth....and teach people to obey and actually do the truth.

5. 2 Tim 2:2 -  "A teacher of truth should be paid to teach it. (Tuition). His tuition product is $5600. You earn $3500 per referral.

6. Titus 1:5 - "Ordain (or set-up) leaders in every city. He sets up an Atlanta members as a leader over each county territory.

7. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. He pays people up to $19,200 per month to do the work of an evangelist.

8. It is the doer of the word, not the hearer only. So Mr. Simms empowers members to profitably "Just Do Jesus".