Just Do Jesus Block Ministry Founder Kermit Simms is dedicated to empowering parents of

young people with their family operated Just Do Jesus Academy and Financial Aid Office. 

The grandparents and parents will access our Financial Aid office to enroll their own children in
our programs in order to have them enjoy the power of hearing the "teach History as economc lessons concept. We teach the combined world history and US history as potent economic examples.

Our team will progressively perfect the development of a faith based national digital lending & digital

health and wellness focused church conference promoting mobile phone based ministry. 

Just Do Jesus Blockchain ministry is a church conference and Livestream Broadcast Membership Firm.


.Two BlockChain Concepts


Step One - Global Digital Indentity.


Step Two Global Employment for Youth on mobiles.



Step Three - global parents colonizing their own youth.


Step Four - USA Parents of Youth Moving US Funds to global to deliver

mobile banking to people globally with Blockchain Mobile Ministry.


12 Bible Verses can be fulfilled by all Just Do Jesus members with

Blockchain Mobile Ministry transactions and Smart Contracts.


1. Eccl 11:2 - "You should invest in 8 incomes".

2. 3 John 1:2 "I would that you prosper (lending) and be in health".

3. Deut - "15:6 'You shall lend unto many nations"


4. Matt 28:19 - "Go therefore and teach...teach to observe"

5. 2 Tim 2:2 -What taught to you teach to others, who teach others also.

6. 2 Corthinians 9:14 -"It is commanded by God that those who teach

truth to be paid to teach the truth.

7. "A worker is worthy of his pay" and should be paid to teach the truth".

8. Luke 10:2 - "The harvest is plentiful, the laborers are few, pray that

God sends more laborers into the harvest. Just Do Jesus will pay them.


9. Be fruitful and multiply

A. Multitude of teacher (counselors is safety)

B. Multitude of people is the King's Honor.


10. 2 Tim 4:5 "Do the work of an evangelist" - to the work to enroll others


11. Acts 17:28 - "In Christ we live and move and have our being".


12. Titus 1:5 " Ordain elders in every city. Just Do Jesus places members in their own Blockchain firm by county territory. It is how things move.


Blockchain Technology and smart contracts are both Decentralized and

distributed to many who monitor the movement of all transactions.


Digital Identification assures who it is that is involved in the movement.


Blockchain uses Smart Contracts to control the way money, data,

people, freight and all things move".  In Christ we live and move.


Just Do Jesus Blockchain Founder Kermit Simms wishes above all things

all our Ministry members move everything profitably to earn 8 incomes.