Kermit Simms, Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry Founder asks you this one question:



Why Get Involved?



Y Get Involved, CEO Kermit Simms has committed to support the Y Get Involved Non-profit efforts.

It is time for Atlanta leaders to merge our Just DO Jesus Blockchain Ministry bank preparation efforts with

the ISOMO Vault os Banking promotion team of 3,000 Atlantal based leaders to support Y Get Involved.


The 3,000 Atlanta leaders are being enrolled and asked to sign up now.

Join Mr. Simms in assisting in building the Atlanta based infrastructure for Y Get Involved 501c.

We unite to build 3,000 "Boots On The Ground" Nationally of teams of three leaders as

Y Get Involved infrastructure builders in 3,000 County Territories nationally.


Kermit Simms, Y Get Involved CEO will follow the example and leadership of the wisdom of a black women on Wall St.

Together, we will begin to lead the charge in assisting enrolling 3,000 Atlanta leaders locally to enlist using Livestream Broadcasts

to enroll one healthcare pro & business owner (3,000 and 6,000 = 9,000) to ead the charge in each of 3,000 county territories.


Minister Simms invites you to become certified for $150 for our work-study $7,000 tuition commission

program. You will be one of 1st 3,000 Atlanta leaders to earn up to $19,200 per month immediately. 

Be one of 3,000 Atlanta based county territory delegates of  our Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry.

All 9,000 of ISOMO Leaders will be actively involved in building local infrastructure for the Whalepitch Program. is one tool.


Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry Founder, Kermit Simms, is also CEO of Y Get

Involved, a 501c non-profit organization to help promote the Whalepitch program.


From his multiple platforms, Mr. Simms is on a mission to CERTIFY FOR $150 each

& build an ATL based mobile ministry team of 3,000 members certified in Atlanta.


The 3,000 certified to do digital capital (banking) and Digital Health on the blockchain.


A. To only sell our $5600 tuition program, you donate $150 one time to be a referrer. 

You can then enter our work-study program to refer 2 clients to earn $7,000.  

B.  To both buy and sell our $5600 bank tuition commission program beyond two? 

You donate $5600 to our blockchain preparation ministry. One time.


Each of the 1st 3,000 Atlanta based mobile members who complete our 2 sales limit to

finish our work-study program. You will be positioned to earn $19,200 per month first

as either a Just Do Jesus Digital Capital or a Digital health minister.

Once certified in Atlanta and you have completed our 2 tuition sale work-study

program, you will be paid $7,000 tuition commission by Just Do Jesus Ministry.