Just Do Jesus is also an OUTSTAND certified partner. 


Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry empowers you with many potent

technologies such as our flagship product OUTSTAND. 


Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry Founder is also ISOMO Global Commercial

Lending Group owner, an OUTSTAND Certified Partner in Johns Creek Office.


This ISOMO Group Flagship Product is used to provide excellent follow

up services to all of our clients as also a certifed partner, click now


@  OUTSTAND Technologies.



ISOMO Global Capital Group represents top lenders in the world and promotes

the health & wellness agenda of the top health insurance firms in the world.


Why? To empower them all to earn $19,200 per month as ATL based Just Do Jesus

Blockchain Ministry Convention, Livestream, Pay Per View & Video on Demand

Broadcast Network Supporters and one of 3,000 National County territory affilates.



Our clients are instructed to use OUTSTAND to follow up on their current

client based as well as new clients from an assigned county territory from

sales leads we provide to you to also earn $2800 month territory income.



Just Do Jesus Trademark owner and Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry Founder is

now licensing for $150 fee the first 3,000 Atlanta ministers, associate ministers &

members to enter our mobile Work-study program to do the following 5 things:

1. Ordination as a Digital Capital Minister to earn large commercial lending transaction commissions.

2. Ordination as a Digital Health Minister to earn large county territory incomes from social media promotions.

3. Certification to receive up to a $2400 per month ministers housing allowance from Just Do Jesus Ministry.

4. Trademark Licensing grant to receive up to a $2800 per month trademark territory licensing income.

5. Authorization to execute our 2 tuition sales work study program (Earn $3500 x 2 tuition clients max)


You earn $3500 for 2 client sales maximum for a total

of $7,000 tuition & staffing fees commission paid to you.

This $7,000 income can be generated from your initial first $150 certification fee.

Come sign up and join us in our  2 tuition sales as our work-study program.

You also earn $50 per person you refer to our $150 certification sessions @ tuitioncommission.us 

Learn to operate an affiliate Just Do Jesus Academy Financial Aid Office to finance the tuition for our Lending and Banking Blockchain Ministry.

We specialize in the research and development of Blockchain based technologies and the smart contracts applied to mobile global ministry.