Carolyn Sneed Rich is the Official Digital Health Minister of the Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry Church Conference and

Livestream, Pay Per Video and Video On Demand Training HQs in Decatur Ga.

Digital Health Minister Carolyn Rich will launch the Mobile Health Ministry Program in August 2017.


Her two flagship digital health programs are as follows:


1. Human Longevity


2. Amwell Telemedicine.


3. HELO Digital Wrist Bands


4. QARDIO Bath scales

5. All training for distributing these four above Digital Health Programs will be

Livestream Broadcast to one church team in 3,000 national county territories. 

After the livestream broadcast session, additional on going Digital Health training programs

will be provided by video on demand and pay per view to the Azusa Street Revival Film

Promotion teams of 16 leaders in honor of the Berlin Conference territory rights program.

Goal: 3,000 Atlanta Digital Healthleaders x 3,000 county territories x 16  mobile Digital Health Members in each of 16 counties will all be certified by Livestream Broadcast from our Atlanta Headquarters.

3,000 ATL x 16 digital health leaders certified by Livestream per 3,000 county territories in a local hotel.

= 48,000 Digital Health Licenses who all will be provided the HELO Health Oracle.


Each of the 48,000 Mobile MInistry app licensees will be provided the HELO Mobile App and QARDIO Bath scale.


3,000 county teams x 16 Pentecostal Azusa Street Revival Film, local conferences, and Azusa St Revival mobile.

 48,000 ministers certified as Digital Health Advocates nationally x $50 each = $2,400,00 possible income. 



6. All four of the above Digital Health Programs will be

embedded in this Digital Health Mobile Ministry Program