Companies, governments and the health insurance firms that provide the

payments for employees healthcare coverage are really interested in

promoting the agenda of healthy lifestyles in order to keep the cost of

health insurance down. Why? Because....


For Just Do Jesus to train people to take better care of themselves, so they will above all things propser and be in health will require a whole new training and funding system.

However, we will simply modify the traditional University funding system of the financial aid office.

Traditionally, the financial aid office at colleges and universities

provide students 4 ways to finance their tuition and fees costs.


Just Do Jesus will have these 4 ways modified as well.

Just Do Jesus will license our modified financial aid office as a mobile app business format system for families.

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Mobile Ministry Work Study program is based in the tradtional Federal Work-Study.

The federal program provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate university students with financial need , allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. The program encourages community service work and work related to the student's course of study.

So Just Do Jesus BLockchain Mobile Ministry and Academy also have a faith-based work-study program.


For $150 one time certification, enroll in the  


Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry


Work-Study Program.


Enroll 2 max in our training


program, you earn $3500


per person x 2 = $7,000.


If you desire to enroll more,


simply enroll in our $150 per


month subscrition program.


Would you invest $150 to be certified in a 8 hour session to earn:

$3500 per client in blockchain tuition & fees commission (beyond work-study)?

x one Bockchain technology tuition commission client per week.


$14,000 per month income in blockchain tuition commission (if you become a $150 per month Just Do Jesus subscription member). 

+ 2400 per month income for housing expenses (If you become a $250 per month subscription member).

+ 2800 per month income from your assigned Just Do Jesus Registered Trademark team in one of 3,000 County Territories.


$19,200 per month total consistent income from one of 3,000 assigned Just Do Jesus blockchain technology mobile ministry territories.