Just Do Jesus Blockchain Mobile Ministry Founder Kermit Simms' Mission is to build an ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group National Headquarters and Convention Center in Atlanta.

This national hotel and convention complex will be dedicated to uplifting single parents and small

business owners through faith-based infrastructures of Mobile digital capital & digital health solutions.



The Past


The Present


Preachers? "Above all things, God would that they prosper........Right?


The black, hispanic


and woman's inspiration.

Preachers? "Above all things GOD would that all they "Be in Health". Above all things?


The Now Strategy


Just Do Jesus Trademark Owner Kermit Simms, and Founder of the new unique Just Do

Jesus Blockchain Ministries Founded to operate a national church conference and Livestream,

pay per view and video on demand broadcast headquarters from ATL, GA of OPM concepts.

Deut 15:6 states " You shall lend unto many nations...'. Mr Simms' goal is to certify 3,000 ATL ministers to share other people's money with churches, ministries, businesses and tax firms.

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry was founded to finance with other people's

money the infrastructure to train, certify and staff 3,000 ministers, missionaries,

Each of the 3,000 Atlanta based Just Do Jesus ministers, evangelists, missionaries, choir

directors and even members, who are willing to be certified for $150 to use our local Atlanta

facilities to license Just Do Jesus Blockchain Mobile Ministry Format Infrastructure System.