ISOMO Certified leaders will be trained in Private Equity, Investment Banking

Corporate paper, commercial real estate all as blockchain transactions.

ISOMO Goal is to provide the blockchain technology infrastructure to promote

and uplift and share the strategies demonstrated by the most potent church and

business, community leaders from Wall St, Banking, education, accounting,

healthcare, real estate & government entities in our church conferences.



ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group mission is to establish an on-going church conference in Atlanta to bring together the best and brightest in high finance, commercial lending, municipal bonds awareness, government contracting and blockchain technology partners to build up the digital capital and digital health infrastructure of single woman of color. All should know better potent women.

Would you invest $150 to be certified in a 8 hour session to earn:

$3500 per client in tuition & staffing fees commission.

x one Bockchain technology tuition commission client per week.


$14,000 per month income in tuition commission (if you become a $150 per month subscription member). 

+ 2400 per month income for housing expenses (If you become a $250 per month subscription member).

+ 2800 per month income from your assigned Just Do Jesus Trademark team in one of 3,000 County Territories.


$19,200 per month total consistent income from one of 3,000 assigned Just Do Jesus blockchain technology mobile ministry territories.

In addition to this $19,200 per month county territory income, Just Do Jesus Church Convention

and Blockchain Ministry Founder Kermit Simms will also grant the rights to ministers to begin

earning "You shall Lend" income from finders fees from the top lenders in the world (OPM).




authorized government contract consulting services.



Also, Proposed Municipal Bond Awareness Programs


For $150 certification fee, you can become a certified charter member of

Just Do Jesus Block Chain Mobile Ministry Headquarters in Decatur, GA.