Deut 15:6 "You shall lend unto many nations". 3 John 1:2 " Beloved, above all things..."Prosper and be in health"..



Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry is a church conference and Livestream

Broadcast Network. It was founded to enlist one Atlanta minister to license

a county territory one tax professional and one healthcare professional.

Each of 3,000 Atlanta based ministers will be empowered to license our mobile family 8

income digital capital based prosperity and digital health mobile infrastructure to one Atlanta

based one tax preparer and one healthcare pro or salon owner with 16 clients or stylists.

16 member Blockchain County Territory ministers' teams to be certified to

move on mobile phones 8 digital capital & 8 digital health products.


Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry mobile phone firm to license the Just Do Jesus controlled  other people's money (The top lenders in the world) to one of 3,000 national county territories.

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry goal is to build a new nation in the cloud, like the United States of America, with a President, 50 states, 3,000

county territories, call the Just Do Jesus Nation.

One of the first 3,000 Atlanta ministers will be assigned to earn 8 mobile

app based incomes from one of the 3,000 national county territories.

In order for Just Do Jesus Ministry to accomplish certifying 3,000 Atlanta area ministers, Mr. Simms Founded ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group.  

Mr. Simms is a passionate independent researcher and lifelong student of Private Equity, Investment Banking, commercial paper, commercial loans & technology, such as driverless cars, driverless trucks, digital health and digital capital and now the new blockchain.


The Future

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministries Founder Kermit Simms' vision is to import 8 mobile app ministry generated incomes back into ATL.

3,000 Atlanta based ministers to be placed over 3,000 National Counties territories to import capital to fund a HQ hotel.


3,000 Atlanta ministers to build an Mobile Ministry app based Digital Capital and Digital Hotel Headquarters capital, legal, blockchain technology infrastructure for a new nation in the cloud.


His inspiration as a women leader is Suzanne Shank

Kermit Simms, Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry Founder, directs other people money to ministers.

Blockchain Technology & Territory income transitions associate local

church ministers from volunteer ministry, to highly paid, full-time service

with ministers' housing allowances for doing global, mobile ministry.







3 John 1:2 "Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper, be in health...

Founder Kermit Simms' strategy to for ATL ministers is like Senator Elizabeth Warren's Digital Capital USPO proposal. We add to it Digital Health & Wellness.


Founder Kermit Simms to certify 3,000 ATL ministers to distribute digital captial & digital health products by being certified to do on mobile phones @ Eccl 11:2.

3,000 ATL Ministers will build infrastructures in 16 members homes to invest in eight mobile app incomes. 

Just Do Jesus Ministries mission is to build the necessary infrastructure to financially

position 3,000 ordained ministers living in Atlanta to earn 8 Mobile app incomes.

In order to do this, our ministry owns ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group to train 3,000 ministers in Atlanta.

ISOMO represents 50+ top lending, legal, financial, health, wellness and blockchain technology firms in the world.



Simms' strategy is to 1st certify 16 Atlanta county teams of 3 to build 16 Atlanta teams.


Simms will begin certifying 16 leaders in Atlanta by assigning one

business owner or ministry to each of the 16 Atlanta counties who

commits $5600 tuition and $350 per month shared staffing fee.

Mr Simms will professionally manage these 16 counties for this first 16

businesses or ministries who license system & bring 16 leaders to the table.

Atlanta is both the Just Do Jesus national church conference

headquarters and for the 120 counties in the state of Georgia


Once 120 Counties in Georgia have enrolled and developed its 16 member Berlin

Conference team, Just Do Jesus Church Conference Platform will begin to develop

leaders to be assigned to the remaining 3,000 County territories nationally.

All 3,000 counties will have 16 ministers certified to distribute OPM or commercial capital as other people's money profitably support businesses.

Top global lenders money distributed to each county.


Why? 3,000 Atlanta based Ministers will unite and work to fulfill: 


Deut 15:6. "You shall lend unto many nations".

Church accounting and income tax planning professionals already provide to the pastor (standing), church board approved ministers housing allowance.

Just Do Jesus Ministries will position the 1st 3,000 ATL ordained ministers (6 Sitting) to also receive up to $2800 per month as ministers housing allowance. 

Each of 3,000 Atlanta based ministers will be certified by Digital Minister Simms to legally receive a ministers housing allowance, that will be funded using funds coming from one Just Do Jesus trademarked blockchain technology in 1 of 3,000 county territories.

Each of the Atlanta based 3,000 ministers will all be authorized to send forth one Atlanta tax preparation person and one Atlanta healthcare professional, who will also earn $2800 per month from a county.

Each of the 3,000 Atlanta based ministers and their team of two will receive their

$2800 per month ministers housing allowance income from the Livestream broadcast,

pay per view and video on demand of the Just Do Jesus Blockchain Technology

income generated from of each of the 3,000 national County blockchain territories.


Digital Capital


Vision of Products


Digital Health Vision of Products


How will 3,000 Ministers help finance the 1st Just Do Jesus Digital Capital

and Digital Health Blockchain National Headquarters Hotel in Atlanta?

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministries will empower 3,000 Atlanta ministers to earn

$2800 per month ministers housing allowance first.

We all unite as a mobile ministry team, (but still remain at their own local church).

We position the ministers to earn 8 Mobile App generated incomes.


All of the 3,000 Atlanta based ministers will become authorized re-sellers of the Just

Do Jesus Mobile Ministries, once they do Mr. Simms $150 certification session. 

Each of the 3,000 Atlanta ministers will be certified to receive the ministers housing allowance, as well as participate in 8 incomes generated from their assigned one of 3,000 national county territories.


A team of 3 people from Atlana, will serve a larger team who are living, locally in your county territory.

The 3,000 Atlanta based Ministers will be provided a headquarters staff that will use social media marketing, livestream broadcasting, pay per view and video on demand to empower their mobile team curretntly living in each of their assigned one of 3,000 county territories.

For only $150 per month per Atlanta based minister, the Just Do Jesus Atlanta based HQ staff will use livestream, pay per view and video on demand technology to reach team living in the 3,000 national county territories who both will use our mobile app to buy & sell digital capital and digital products.


How? From using Blockchain technology to import 8 incomes for their families back into Atlanta from 3,000 county territories.  


Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry of Atlanta is a social media marketing, livestream,

pay per view, video on demand blockchain digital health church conference firm. 

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry church conferences are sponsored by agencies of

the largest health insurance firms.

City, county, state, federal agencies, as well as health insurance firms are extremely interested in lowering healthcare cost for themselves and employers.

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry is backed by agencies of the top health insurance firms.

The Bible states Above all things ....that you be in health.....Health insurance companies and agencies are very interested in an agenda of enlisting 3,000 Atlanta based ordained ministers.

These 3,000 ministers will assist in the area of national distribution to 3,000 national county territories promotion of community disease prevention, early diagnostics, fitness and Digital health technologies and even rural healthcare distribution programs, such as AMWELL.

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry sponsored Digital Health Church Conferences partners with large churches in the community who are already equipped with family life centers, with health, wellness and fitness delivery facilities.

Just Do Jesus Church Conferences are designed to develop ministry team who bring government grants, government contracts, as well as corporate and agency sponsorship to assist the Minister Simms certified 6,000 Atlanta based ministers & healthcare professionals.

Goal? To fulfill John 3:1 Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper, be in health digitally!

Each of the first 3,000 Atlanta based ordained minister are certified for $150 each to send forth 2 ATL professionals. One as a Digital Health Minister. The second as a digital capital minister.

Each of the 3,000 Atlanta based ministers certified for $150 in an 8 hour session will:

(1) be ordained as Digital Health Ministers and positioned to qualify for up to a $2800 per month ministers housing allowance.

(2) be certified as Digital Capital Ministers and provided a finders fee agreement from ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group.

(3) receive a grant from Founder Kermit Simms, as a free gift, the rights to the Just Do Jesus trademark blockchain ministry tools in a county territory.

These 3,000 Atlanta based ministers will be certifed in our 8 hour session by Digital Minister Kermit

Simms and granted the Just Do Jesus trademark rights to one of 3,000 county blockchain territories.

Each county territory will provide up to a $2800 per month income to be used

for each ATl certifed member to receive a digital ministers housing allowance.

 Traditionally, only pastors (standing) receives a ministers housing allowance.

Just Do Jesus Blockchain ministers is designed to empower the 6 ministers

(sitting) to also receive up to a $2800 per month from Just Do Jesus Ministry.


Our Atlanta based HQ Staff will use the Just Do Jesus Ministry Trademarked

Blockchain technology platform, social media marketing, and our pay per

view, video on demand & livestreaming broadcast tools to manage the county

territory assigned to each Atlanta based minister who is certified by Simms.

Each Atlanta based minister pays $150+ per month county territory rights fee.

Just Do Jesus Ministry is the first blockchain global, mobile app based ministry in the world.

Would you invest $150 to be certified in a 8 hour session to earn:

$3500 per client in blockchain tuition & fees commission (beyond work-study)?

x one Bockchain technology tuition commission client per week.


$14,000 per month income in blockchain tuition commission (if you become a $150 per month Just Do Jesus subscription member). 

+ 2400 per month income for housing expenses (If you become a $250 per month subscription member).

+ 2800 per month income from your assigned Just Do Jesus Registered Trademark team in one of 3,000 County Territories.


$19,200 per month total consistent income from one of 3,000 assigned Just Do Jesus blockchain technology mobile ministry territories.