ISOMO Media Group provides social media, livetream, pay per view and video

on demand technology to train Just Do Jesus members in the highest levels of

blockchain based smart contracts distributed lending, like the financial elite.

Deut 8:18b -  "It is the Lord Thy God that Gives you the power to get wealth". 

God says, let us make man in our image. Let him have

dominion. In order to have dominion & control,

So, Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry owns and its members operate ISOMO Media Group and the ISOMO Global Commercial Capital Group which represents 50+ of the top global lending firms. 


1. Deut 15:6 "You shall lend unto many nations". ISOMO sells other people's money for commissions.

2. ISOMO licenses actual financial aid offices as business systems to members to sell tuition & fees.


ISOMO Financial Aid and Scholarship offices empowers our members to buy & sell tuition, staffing fees, work study programs, Just DO Jesus trademark grants, scholarships, mortgage & commercial loans.


However, our student loans are private loans for establishing digital businesses.

ISOMO are not Pell Grants, but trademark grants from Just Do Jesus ministries.


Just Do Jesus Ministry was founded to teach our members hands to war and fingers to fight.

Click @ Psalms 144:1

How? Through ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group. Just Do Jesus Certified members will learn to use Blockchain Ledgers and smart contracts. With these training they will earn large lending structure incomes and potent legal structure incomes.

The mission of the Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry is to empower our members to eliminate debts with transaction. & fulfill Eccl 11:2 to earn 8 incomes with their hands and their fingers.  



Both of these ATL based leaders will use livestream, pay per view and video on demand technology to enroll one team each of 16 leaders in local hotels per county.

Just Do Jesus National 16 leader teams in each of 3,000 county territories.

All 6,000 county teams of 16 will become affiliates of ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group.

ISOMO Global Commercial Capital Group empowers all Just Do Jesus

Blockchain Nation leaders to use other people's money to build our nation.


Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry is a membership training organization.

Our Atlanta members will host local church conferences supported by cloud

based, social media and Livestream Broadcasting, video on demand & PPV.

Our conferences will promote and distribute Just Do Jesus financial aid office

based tuition financing as a flagship blockchain mobile ministry format system.