All Just Do Jesus Ministry members operate their own digital financial aid office.


The Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry members financial aid offices will distribute the Just Do Jesus Nation's work study, grants, scholarships and loans, not in the traditional way, but on our Kept By The Kingdom Mobile Ministry App Platform.

The Kept By The Kingdom mobile ministry app will be launched into the IPAD of 6,000 certified Just Do Jesus Blockchain Nation mobile members on one day in late 2017.                        

ISOMO Financial Aid offices provide $5600 of tuition financing, certifcation for the 8 income producing Kept By The Kingdom Mobile App Ministry System. 


Blockchain Technology rights is a far greater alternative to 2 financial products.


1. ISOMO can pay your home mortgage payment for you.   2. $350 per month can produce $2800 per month.

3. Lender finders fee commissions to pay off your home mortgage. 4. Territory rights outperforms all financial products. 


5. Lender finders fee income eliminates student loan & car loan debt in hours. 6. $5600 of 401k money pays tuition to earn $3500 per client in 8 hrs.

7. ISOMO Commercial Lending Group gives us access to OPM.   8. We sell loans & tuition, give grants of blockchain territory rights.


A. Duet 15:6 ' You shall lend unto many nations..." B. We pay a $3500 commission on Blockchain tuition sales.



ISOMO Founder, Kermit Simms, is dedicated to moving these 2 potent financial solutions globally on mobile phones with blockchain technology.

If you are an Atlanta based minister, and you have $150 and 8 hours to be certified, come to our Atlanta based

headquarters. Get certified to enroll 2 people.

Pay $150. Earn $7,000 first with us. Then receive the

rights to one of the 3,000 national county territories.

You will be positioned to earn $2800 per month ministers housing allowance.


Call me direct @ 470-294-9777 to schedule a phone interview.