We assigned one of our Atlanta based headquarters members to share the profits generated from one of the 3,000 County territories nationally.

Just Do Jesus is a new nation built in the cloud using blackchain technology to provide the platform for a global mobile ministry to uplift single women and her children using their own mobile phone.

Men and married couples can join our nation. But know this that this one nation

was built from the ground up by a man, Kermit Simms, to uplift women first.

Welcome all to the Just Do Jesus Blockchain based Nation.

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry is a cloud based nation.

In order to fultill Deut 15:6, You shall lend unto many nations..."

... 6,000 Atlanta based members of the Just Do Jesus Blockchain Nation will be licensed in enrolled pairs of one minister and one healthcare professional.'

The $5600 tuition financing can also be provided by members by moving some

of 401k or IRA account funds to pay for the tuition & mobile ministry staff fees. 


For $150, any Just Do Jesus Nation members can choose to simply enter our work study program. Enroll 2 new members and earn $3500 x 2 = $7,000 to pay tuition.

How? All Just Do Jesus members can be ordained as a Digital Capital Consultant & certified to empower new members to both buy and sell our tuition and staffing fees.

All Just Do Jesus members can both buy and sell our

Tuition & County Territory & Sub-territory Staffing fees.


All certified Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry members can also buy and sell

trademark territory licenses from our inventory of 3,000 JDJ county

territorites & 48,000 national Just Do Jesus sub-territories to earn income.

Marketing rights to Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry Territories are licensed

to 1 Atlanta based member for each of 3,000 county territories for $150 fee.


What is blockchain?

“Bitcoin the currency, I think, is going to go nowhere … but the blockchain as a technology,  which we’ve been studying and yes it’s real.” —Jamie Dimon on CNBC


Founder Kermit Simms of Just Do Jesus Nation Ministries will ordain as a digital health or a digital capital minister & community health advocate all our leaders.

Each Atlanta member will be assigned to 1 of 3,000 national counties.

Each Atlanta member must appoint a healthcare professional to our nation.

Everyone who has ever been to a college or a university or sent their

children to be educated believes and supports the business office of a

traditional financial aid and scholarships.

Below is the four primary programs offered students to buy or access at a traditional college or university financial aid office.

These above four traditional financial aid products or programs are sold to

students to cover their educational tuition, fees and costs. Is that right?

All four of them all are sold to or provided to students by colleges and universities to

provide financial aid to pay for the traditional cost of education such as tuition & fees.


Think! Only their signature is needed to be placed on various documents of financial aid office transactions to pay for or buy the tuition. Just sign the documents to buy the tuition.

Using only their signature, a student at a financial aid office can generate large money for a college or university by four forms of financial aid, including $5600+ pell grant. 




ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group, empowers

Just Do Jesus Nation members to operate from their

mobile phone their own financial aid office business.


All Atlanta based 6,000 Just Do Jesus Nation members

are certified to operate their own financial aid office

busines. So our member don't not just buy our tuition

& just pay fees to Just Do Jesus Blockchain academy.


For only $150, our Just Do Jesus members can be

certified to also sell tuition and earn $3500 per student.

Our tuition is $5600. Once certified, our members also

earn $3500 commission per client for selling tuition.


All Atlanta based member simply sell our $5600 tuition to

others to earn $3500. Our tuition, technology, a county

territory package, using only their signature as well.


ISOMO Members Both Buy Tuition and Sell Tuition.



How? Simply attend our $150 session offered by our

Founder in his seminar session, and be certified by him.


Then you can earn $3500 tuition commission by

selling tuition to only two members = $7,000 ASAP.


Simply Sell Just Do Jesus


Tuition to 2 leaders in ATL 


to earn $7,000 ASAP.


Once you sell two Atlanta area leaders our Just Do Jesus Tuition, county

territory and blockchain technology package, you will receive from Kermit

Simms a grant to one of the 3,000 national JDJ county territory positions.

ISOMO Financial Aid Office places you in the financial aid office business selling these 4 programs:

These 4 financial aid office programs are designed to finance your

clients to begin distributing Blockchain technology programs.

, jobs and to be certified to be paid 8 incomes on our mobile app ministry platform from 1 of 3,000 counties.

are certified and provided various livestream, pay per view and video on demand teaching and evangelism mobile ministry packages for only $150 per month - $350 per month Just Do Jesus Trademark Royalty licensing fees.

Royalties are usage-based payments from one party (a “licensee”) (Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry) to another (the “licensor”) our Atlanta certified mobile ministry members. Licensing fees are paid as part of an agreement that defines the terms under which a tangible property (Just Do Jesus trademark) is licensed for use by one party (a “licensor”) to another (the “licensee”) you, once you are certified as a mobile ministry affiliate for $150.

Just Do Jesus Mission is to use blockchain technology to unite the Pentecostal and holiness movement by building a new Just Do Jesus Nation in the cloud using Blockchain technology. In this new Blockchain Nation in the cloud, there will be no unpaid church volunteers.

All members are certified for $50 in this cloud based Just Do Jesus nation. All will be empowered to earn 8 residual incomes for doing the work of an evangelist in our mobile app based ministry system.

For a $50 Donation, we certify one Atlanta based ordained ministers to receive 8 incomes from our Livestream broadcasted mobile ministry certification sessions. Our mobile ministry certification sessions are held in only one pre-designated hotel room in each of 3,000 national county territories.


Each Livestream Broadcast for our Mobile Ministry Certification session will be directed into only one hotel conference room in each of 3,000 national counties.

One Pentecostal Minister  (Initially, other denomination certified later, as well)

One Tax Office

One Healthcare Professional


Healthcare professionals

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry empowers 3,000 Atlanta based leaders to earn $19,200 per month income from:

(1) Your own mobile ministry. It is an 8 income producing mobile app based blockchain ministry.

(2) Your own mobile academy.

(3) Your own financial aid office for their academy.

(4) Your own mobile app based Digital Identification firm.

(6) Your own mobile app based commercial lending business.


(7) Your own digital health social media marketing platform.

(8) Your own one of 3,000 national county territories to earn $2800 per month.

Plus your own personally selected business or ministry funded by our programs.


To build up local attendance to our quarterly church conference, we empower

our 3,000 Atlanta leaders to position themselves to earn up to $19,200 per

month from a series of smaller events locally in Atlanta first. Just refer people to our $150 certification session. In the session, our founder will do the selling of the

Kept By The Kingdom 8 Income Mobile APP Ministry System.

Deut 15:6 "You shall lend unto many nations. Lending was ordained by

God to be the work of faith-based leadership as the financial elite.

For the church leaders to lead the charge in lending, Just Do Jesus will train,

certify and staff them, prior to beginning a strong lending training program.

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Mobile Ministry Headquarters also owns a lending business called ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group. ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group was founded to license the Kept By The Kingdom Mobile Ministry to 1st 3,000 people in Atlanta area who pay $150 fee.

Each of the 3,000 people will be positioned to earn $2800 per month from 1 of 3,000 County terrritories.

Included in the Just Do Jesus Trademark licensing program per county territory

will be the ability to earn income referring clients in your county territory to Just

Do Jesus  Blockchain Mobile Ministry territory.