What is Blockchain Technology?



The study, “Lifting As We Climb: Women of Color, Wealth, and America's Future,” found that while the median net worth of single white women ages 36-49 is $42,600— 61 percent of the median wealth for same-aged, single white men — single women of color in the same age group have a median wealth of just $5.May 11, 2010.


Just Do Jesus Nation is building the infrastructure to use Blockchain Technology to create strong incomes.

Our strategy is to prepare 3,000 Atlanta based single women, young people for better mobile phone

based employment. Our mission is to deliver superior income generating returns to grandparents and

parents who support their own young people with $5600 tuition based Blockchain Technology tools.

Here is Just Do Jesus Ministries National Headquarters. It is located in Decatur, Georgia (Atlanta).

JDJ = Just Do Jesus is a blockchain technology based global ministry.

Method - One of the six sitting ordained ministers living in each of the 3,000 national county territories will be certified by Just Do Jesus Ministry Founder Kermit Simms as blockchain based digital health ministers.

Once certified by livestream technology by Digital Minister Kermit Simms, each minister will be provided up to $2400 per month of a blockchain technology funded Digital Ministers Housing Allowance. Pastors already receive a ministers housing allowance, once the qualify with proven evangelism work.

These 3,000 ordained ministers nationally will then appoint one healthcare professional to join them.

Just Do Jesus will then send them both of them into their assigned county territories to distribute on mobile phones the blockchain based digital health and digital capital solutions. 

Just Do Jesus founder and CEO is now building an army of 3,000 certified blockchain consultants in Atlanta through its ministry

owned digital health, commercial lending, financial aid and financial services firm called ISOMO Commercial Lending Group.


3 John 1:2 - I wish above all things that your pospers and be in health.....using Blockchain Technology. ==================================================================================


Getting Started In Atlanta!

ATL teams of 2 enrolls 16 leaders in their county territory who are certified by Livestream, video on demand and pay per view training programs to earn up to $2400 per month as blockchain capital and health consultants.

16 leaders in each county territory pay $350 per month as authorized re-sellers of blockchain mobile programs.

Our $5600 tuition based Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry is designed to distribute our financing, financial and financial aid solutions using blockchain technology.

ISOMO and Just Do Jesus Ministry Founder Kermit Simms is a strong promoter

and advocate of the policies and procedures of the World Economic Forum. 

Just Do Jesus Nation Founder is a promoter of the World Economic Forum to the faith based community.


Just Do Jesus Nation Founder is dedicated to assembling an Atlanta team of 3,000 young people to build the faith based infrastructure of blockchain technology for women incomes.

Founder Kermit Simms is so inspired when reading about Suzanne Shank's life and example.

As the founder of Just Do Jesus Nation, ISOMO Global Commercial Capital Group and the developer of its Blockchain Technology based ministry strategies, Simms firmly believes the infrastructure building models of Suzanne Shank should be studied and shared with woman in all 3,000 county territories.

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry's technology is an

new, potent personal infrastrure building tool for women.

Founder Simms' primary mission is to enroll the 1st 3,000 Atlanta based members to assign them to one of 3,000 national county territories.

Each county dual team will build their own local county infrastructure using Blockchain technology.


Step One.

Mr. Simms is now certifying 16 ATL leaders for incomes from 16 County territories around the Atlanta area first.

1. Mr Simms personally certifies the 1st 16 Atlanta leaders who commit a $5600 donation to Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministries.

2. Each of the 1st 16 leaders will function as his executive committee for the Just Do Jesus Blockchain ministry nationally.

3. 16 represents the number of ministers who divided up the African Continent among themselves in the Berlin Conference.

4. Each of the 1st 16 leaders will be granted the Just Do Jesus Nation Blockchain territory rights in one of 16 Atlanta counties.




Step Two

A. The income from each blockchain county terrtory rights will pay each of the 16 leaders $2800 per month territory rights income.

B. The $5600 donation, empowers each of the leaders to earn $3500 tuition commission enrolling 12 leaders in their county.

C. $3500 per ministry enrolled in each county x 12 = $42,000 to be paid as tuition commission from 12 Just Do Jesus Ministers.

Just Do Jesus Ministries Founder Kermit Simms owns a dual ISOMO financial capital and financial services firm promoting Blockchain technology based financial solutions.

This program provides both a home mortgage and mutual fund alternative to clients.


BlockChain Strategies provides $2800 per month income to pay mortgage. Blockchain strategies provides $2400 per month to fund your retirement account.

Mr Simms is now enrolling 3,000 Atlanta area financial supporters to help build a strong Blockchain Technology based ministry to use incomes to uplift women and young people in blockchain based incomes in each of 3,000 national county territories.

Your funds build up the necessary blockchain infrastructure in 3,000 county territories.

1. Would you like to earn $3500 per client you refer to our Atlanta faith

based, Blockchain Infrastructure building movement?

2. Would you like to earn $2800 per month to pay for your monthly

housing expenses, as a certified Blockchain Technology Consultants?

3. Would you like to earn $2400 per month to help fund your own

retirement account?

4. Would you like to learn to have your car pay its own monthly payment

using Blockchain technology strategies provided by our ministry?


Just Do Jesus Ministries owns ISOMO. ATL Members operate ISOMO.


JDJ Blockchain Logistics will empower all people to prosper, be in health.


Step 13


Just Do Jesus Blockchain will unleash $5600 of grandparents and parents

underfunded mutual funds, IRA or 401k account to fund their own mobile

phone savyy young people to solve problems of the global masses.

Our young people will be using blockchain technology with their mobile

phones, digital capital, digital health and even driverless trucks and cars.

Listen to the words of the secretary of transportation.

ISOMO Blockchain Logistics Group is owned by Just Do Jesus Nation

Ministries. Just Do Jesus Nation's blockchain ministry empowers our members

car payments to be paid for using blockchain technology based ridesharing app.

Just Do Jesus Ministries for $150 will certify our 1st 3,000 Atlanta area based

members to be livestream, pay per video and video on demand managers of

one of 3,000 national county territory teams of 16 ISOMO Block Chain Logistics

Consultants in home mortgage, mutual fund a car alternatives.

Just Do Jesus is a Digital Nation home & car solutions are built on Blockchain Technology.


Step Fourteen

Again, why blockchain technology?


View this video as well.



Our 1st 3,000 certified Atlanta based Just Do Jesus members will operate from their mobile phones one of our blockchain ministry platform teams of 16 members living in one of 3,000 national county territories.

The 3,000 national counties in America operated by our 1st 3,000 Atlanta based members will be assigned by Blockchain minister founder Kermit Simms one of 3,000 county territory.  

Just Do Jesus Nation blockchain funded ministers housing allowance program is a cloud based digital hybrid, blockchain sometimes, but not all cases, a replication of the United States of America LLC.

16 ministers per county territory will receive up to $2400 per month for their own monthly mortgage payment paid by Just Do Jesus Blockchain ministry system.

Just Do Jesus nation was founded to provide minister housing allowance to 16 ministers per county territory. This is a ministry format system based in blockchain technology.

Our founder Kermit Simms is dedicated to using blockchain technology as the basis of the nation of Just Do Jesus' governmental, financial, legal and accounting infrastructure. 


Step 14

ISOMO is building the Just Do Jesus Ministry's Blockchain Nation built on the Etherium Platform

Kermit SImms to certify 3,000 ATL leaders as Just Do

Jesus Blockchain Nation members on Etherium Platform.


CEO-Founder Simms will grant the rights to Just Do Jesus Blockchain Nation by in 1 of 3,000 county territories.

Each of 3,000 Atlanta based Just Do Jesus Digital Health Ministers will be certified by Simms on this campus.


Step 15th


Bitcoin is a digital currency that is being used increasingly all over the world since its inception in 2009.

In the years since, many other assets and forms of blockchain technology have been developed.

Some of it is hype, but some of it points to important forces in the financial services industry.

Let’s start with some quick definitions. Blockchain is the technology that enables the existence of cryptocurrency (among other things). Bitcoin is the name of the best-known cryptocurrency, the one for which blockchain technology was invented. A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, such as the US dollar, but is digital and uses encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds.


ISOMO Blockchain is an industry promotion and advocate of the rapidly

expanding autonomous vehicles (driverless cars and trucks) and commercial

real estate and digital capital meets profitably within the Blockchain system). 

Our mission is to use social media and other technology to promote firms like HFF and others who are at the forefront of this next massive wave of logistic industry advancements, such as Uber's OTTO and their competitor Embark.