Just Do Jesus Blocknation Ministry was founded by Dr Tribe.

Dr Tribe is not his real name. It is a stage name.

Dr Tribe stands for Digital Robotic Income Before Education.

The mission of Just Do Jesus Blockchain ministry is to bring together 6,000 Atlanta based people to operate a church conference ministry format system on mobile phones.

Each of the 6,000 Atlanta based members will be assigned in groups of two to one of the 3,000 national counties as a territory to earn 8 incomes using Livestream, pay per view and video on demand technology into each county.

The flagship product sold into all of these 3,000 county territories is a $5600 tuition through a mobile phone based financial aid office. Once certified for $150, each Just Do Jesus Ministry member will earn $3500 selling the $5600 commission to 2 other people = $7,000 per member through their own mobile financial aid office business system.


The $5600 tuition can be paid for by moving 401k or IRA money Or our Financial Aid Offices 4 other programs.


If you don't want to move IRA or 401k money. The tuition can also be paid for from our financial aid business office with either a work study, grants, scholarships or commissions on commercial loans.

All members are empowered to sell th $5600 tuition to earn $3500 tuition commission.

The $5600 tuition pays for the education on how to earn 8 incomes as in Eccl 11:2.