Welcome to the official website of the Just Do Jesus Nation' ministry strategies for using blockchain technology.


Atlanta Headquarters

Just Do Jesus Blockchain technology based ministry headquarters is located within the Beulah Baptist Church of Decatur, GA Family Life Center.

This Just Do Jesus Ministry National Headquarters operated by Digital Minister Kermit Simms is dedicated to building the infrastructure of Blockchain Technology with his team of 3,000 Atlanta based women and young people to be assigned to one of 3,000 national county territories.


Step two

Education of the Power of BlockChain Technology.

Just Do Jesus Nation as a Ministry to be built on Blockchain Technology.

Our blockchain based ministry is designed to fund an entire Just Do Jesus blockchain based nation by offering to our 1st 3,000 citizens powerful blockchain alternatives to two traditional financial products.

1. Your Home Mortgage Alternative is funded by Just Do Jesus Nation Blockchain Technology Rights.


Step Six

1. For a $5600 donation, Just Do Jesus grants unto you up $2800 per month Blockchain territory rights income to pay your mortgage.

2. Included in this $5600 donation appreciation program is a grant to a finders fee agreement to represent top global lenders.

3. Upon receipt of the $5600 donation, Just Do Jesus Blockchain nation, owned ISOMO Global Commercial lending Group will empower you to represent the top global lenders in the world to earn large commissions to pay off your home mortgage.


Step Seven

Duet 15:6 - "You shall lend unto many nations".


ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group empowers Just Do Jesus blockchain members to earn lending commissions selling Other Peoples Money globally.


Just Do Jesus Ministry owns ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group and its represent over 36 of the top lenders in the world, such as the Carlton Group.

Therefore, the 1st 3,000 members will be assigned one of 3,000 county territory to sell money to builders, investors and business owners and earn from large lending commissions paid to s to ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group by lenders and you will earn finders fees.


From you large lending finders fee transaction income, you pay off your home mortgage.

Just Do Jesus Blockchain Ministry Rights Program provides our 1st 3,000 members a two step alternative to their home mortgage payment and acquiring the deed to their home.

(1) $2800 per month earned from your blockchain county territory pays the mortgage payment.

(2) Large finders fee commissions from lending transactions pay home mortgage off totally.


"Owe no man nothing buy to love him". Believe that!

Now, re-direct the money you were paying to your monthly home mortgage payment to a tax-free retirement account now provided by Just Do Jesus Ministries ISOMO Global Commercial Lending Group, as a citizen of the Just Do Jesus Blockchain Nation.



Step Eight

2. Your mutual Fund Alternative is funded by Just Do Jesus Nation Blockchain Technology Rights Income.

For a $250 per month donation commitment, Just Do Jesus Nation blockchain pays you up to $2400 per month.

From $2400 per month, you direct $2,000 per month into your JDJ blockchain 401k, IRA, mutual fund alternative.


Step Nine

National Headquarters Team Building

Step Ten

1. Donate $5600. We grant you free Blockchain tuition, technology, territory and a team of 2 ATL Leaders.

2. Re-sell our tuition, technology, territory and professional team for $5600, and earn $3500 territory commission.

3. You earn $3500 x 16 leaders = $42,000 from one county Just Do Jesus blockchain territory assigned to you.

4. 16 leaders in your county territory are certified to earn up to $2400 per month as blockchain health consultants.

5. 16 leaders in your county territory each pay $350 per month as authorized re-sellers of blockchain programs.


Step Eleven

6. The 16 leaders x $350 per month = $5600 per month monthly blockchain county territory income generated.

7. You earn 50% x $5600 per month = a monthly Just Do Jesus Blockchain county territory income of $2800.

8. Your county manager earn the other 50% x $5600 per month as "JDJ" Blockchain territory income of $2800.


Step 12


The entire Just Do Jesus Blockchain county territtory program is managed for you like an IRA or 401k account.